short gif 1-2-3

Posted by Galit on 01/16/2009

Its always more interesting to see how drawings are made, it gives the finished work more character, or maybe its just me?


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Anim cats.

Posted by Galit on 01/11/2009

We love cats🙂 here are somcat.gif, click the image to go see more.

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Animated waterfall – gif

Posted by Galit on 01/07/2009

Tthis is so cool, thank you Tanker Yanker🙂 for this post.

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Awesome WayTo Grocery Shop

Posted by Galit on 01/06/2009

Shopping is mostly fun, and here is an awesome way to do it, now just think what if the flour or  shugar  were slightly open….
proceed with caution!

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Book.gif first try.

Posted by Galit on 01/02/2009

First try to make a short book into a gif picture, I know it’s need working on and the picture quality is very bad,  but just wanted to see if I like it and to gett  istarted (before I forget…), the book is New Trainers, by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta. Here it is, and hope more to come:


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Lizz Wright – great singer

Posted by Galit on 01/01/2009

Her name is :Lizz Wright (born January 22, 1980) she is an American Jazz singer and composer,She started singing gospel music and playing piano in church as a child,  She attended Houston County High School, where she was heavily involved in choral singing, receiving the National Choral Award.

Her official site: Lizz Wright


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2009=>Happy new year :)

Posted by Galit on 01/01/2009

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Posted by Galit on 12/31/2008


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We have our hopes.

Posted by Galit on 12/31/2008

You may say I’m a dreamer, well maybe so,  I can  see a better future for those who have dreams and  hopes for leaving in peace with our neighbors.

Let it be soon, let it be this year.

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Is it raining on Africa?

Posted by Galit on 12/30/2008

Few days ago, I was driving to the local shopping center, filling kind of low, because it is winter, and last month I lost my job, and although  it was nice to take a break from work for a few days, now I fills like there is no new job for me, you know? So while driving to buy some food, thinking of the expense that has no income to support it, it’s raining hard and the roof of my car is leaking (yes…), Suddenly, in front of me, I see the new fountain (did they not heard about the shortage of sweet water in this country??) the shape of the earth, and I see Africa, and it’s raining!!

For a few moments I realy felt good, it made me smile that we can make it rain in the Sahara desert, and I wanted to share it with you.

Because you can not see the rain in the picture I’ve added “rain” in photoshop.


Rain on Africa

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